Our Story

Smart Marketing Limited, is a hands-on business training and consultancy firm that specialises in the marketing, business development, sales strategy, business strategy and funding applications to micro enterprise and small businesses across the Mid-West region.


Like many businesses we started in 2002, we grew, we met with the recession, we diversified and we are now growing again. We now employ 3 people directly and work with a panel of 8 subcontractors throughout the county. We pride ourselves on being a small business that provides practical marketing and business solutions for starts up’s, micro enterprise and small businesses.

Since 2002 we have carved a niche in the area of marketing, business development, and business strategy particularly focusing on business and personal development through training, mentoring and consultancy for small enterprises. 


Smart Marketing Limited provides a range of marketing soft supports to a wide and diverse range of business across the Co Clare and the Midwest. 

Typically we deliver our training solutions in partnership with Local Enterprise Offices, Partnerships Groups, Leader Groups and other Government agencies. In recent years we have become specialists in technology and tech start up enterprises. We have been part of a number of national pilot programmes including including; Accelerate Driving your business forward, Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur, Investment Innovation Fund, Advanced Management Development and Leadership programme. 

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