Business Event Coordination with Smart Marketing

Are you looking for an experienced business event planning company to coordinate and plan business owner networking events on your behalf?

Whether it’s a large or small network event that you have in mind, and regardless of what type of business you run, Smart Marketing will be able to help.

Typically, this is what we can offer when it comes to planning and promoting your event.


Initial meeting to assess your requirements and establish event objectives

Any event that you plan should have a clear objective in mind.

  • What is the point in you creating this event?
  • Are you looking to educate people about your business or your products?
  • Are you hoping to get more leads, or make sales directly?
  • Do you want to build your email list or use your event as a way to grow your social media accounts?
  • Maybe you’re looking to recruit new employees?

Business Event Planning Service

Our business event planning services can help you to really focus on these objectives so that you’re reaching your target audience and hitting those key points that you’ve highlighted. It could be taking down email addresses, handing out business cards, demonstrating products or something else entirely.

Of course, you should have an idea of what you plan on getting from your event, but our skilled event planners can help you to draw attention to exactly what you want to gain and therefore go about things in a way that allow you to hit these goals. 

Researching key suppliers and speakers on your behalf

When it comes to business and network event management, we have strong connections with a wide range of speakers and suppliers for different types of events. So once we’ve established what you want to gain from your event, we can liaise with these individuals and companies on your behalf to ensure you’re getting something that’s exactly right.

If you’re new to planning events, it’s these kinds of details that can trip you up when you’re trying to do things yourself. But with our knowledge and contact Smart Marketing can find reliable suppliers and speakers to make your event the very best it can be.

Smart Marketing will be your point of contact throughout the event production so you don’t need to worry about orchestrating numerous different companies, and instead have peace of mind that everything will come together. 

Theresa Networking Facilitation - hosting panel talks - Business event coordination

Preparation of “run of event” agenda

Everyone wants things to run smoothly on the day, so being prepared is important. A ‘run of events’ agenda allows everything to be put in order and timings to be worked out so you get the most out of your time, and your event. We will:

  1. Work to create your agenda early 
  2. Go over your events objective 
  3. Prioritize agenda items
  4. Break down agenda topics into key points
  5. Allow adequate time for each agenda item 
  6. Inform members on how to prepare for the event
  7. Figure out your main attraction
  8. Develop a plan to build on your new relationships with attendees

Having a plan in place for the day will give you confidence and peace of mind that things will be organised and well run. A poorly planned event could have the opposite effect and actually put customers and clients off your business, so we take steps to ensure that is never the case.

Small businesses and those that are newer to events are especially at risk of this, so it’s worth the peace of mind of hiring a professional company so that no silly errors are made. 

Event co-ordination on the day

Planning ahead is great, you want to start your business events on the right foot. But there can sometimes be snags or issues on the day that need to be resolved. So we commit to coordinating the day itself too, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and using our expertise to make sure that any hitches are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

This allows you to get on with enjoying the event and doing your own job of communicating with customers and clients, without having to worry about organising other areas of the day.

Smart Marketing can ensure that timings are met, that speakers are ready to go on at their allotted time, that food is sorted and generally that the schedule is being adhered to and things are running smoothly. 


Creative Ice –Breakers and Network Facilitation

 All good events have lots of people mingling and chatting. Sometimes that may need a helping hand.  

At Smart Marketing we have earned a reputation for creating innovative networking games; exercises and ice-breakers to makes sure that all your clients and delegates are participating and getting the most from your business event.

Theresa of Smart Marketing - Business event coordination

Event Publicity and PR

This can either be full management and implementation of all publicity, or in partnership with our clients. You might have your own methods of promotion, and plan social media announcements, blog posts, videos or hand out flyers as a way to gain attention to your event.

You may release information in your newsletter, utilise email marketing or even promote via word of mouth. However, if you’re a smaller company who doesnt have a large reach, or just want to leave this in the hands of experts then this is also something we’re able to do. 

If you’re limited on time, budget or ideas, promoting your event can seem like a mammoth task which is why it’s an area that can be best left to the experts.

A successful event means having enough potential customers, clients, candidates (or whoever you’re trying to attract) showing up. You could throw the best, most well-planned event in the world but it will be meaningless if people don’t turn up.

So, don’t overlook event publicity and PR once the other details are secured. In some cases, you may need an idea of how many people will be coming before making decisions such as food and venue choices, so this would be one of the first things to look into. 

Post event evaluation and debrief

After an event, it’s tempting to pat yourself on the back and begin planning for the next. But without properly digesting and debriefing the previous event, mistakes, opinions, and valuable information will slip through the cracks. Don’t let hindsight hit you with avoidable lessons, and ensure you do your event debriefs.

This is an opportunity to collect feedback from your team to improve your next event- a successful event debrief will tell you what went right, what didn’t go to plan, and how to use it for next time. ask yourself at least these questions:

  1. Did we meet the function’s objective?
  2. Did the event perform better than last time?
  3. What was successful at the event?
  4. What could be organised better at the next event?
  5. How can the event be improved in your opinion?


If it’s your first event, it can be a fantastic learning opportunity and it might be obvious what changes you might want to make next time. Otherwise, it’s simply a case of building on what was successful and making small tweaks, and evaluating how well the event performed. 

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