Business support programmes with Smart Marketing

Business support programmes can aid you in growing your business, whether you’re in the early stages of a micro-enterprise or a trying to grow a medium-sized enterprise.

Smart Marketing Limited offer a range of supports and will work with your company to help you to grow and succeed

Business support programmes can be made up of help of many different kinds, such as:

Business Mentoring

One of the best sources of help that business support can give is mentoring. Business mentoring can assist you in understanding what steps you ought to take in order to grow your business and can lend support as you work your way through these steps. Suitable for small business and medium size enterprises.

Mentoring support can offer a lot of advantages, including:

  • Advice for startup business offering help in the essential first stages of a young business.
  • Advice on applying for financial assistance, including grant applications with Enterprise Ireland or Local Enterprise Office.
  • Review your business idea and guide you to set up a business
  • Build a sales & marketing strategy.
  • Guidance for developing your business.
  • Support in building a marketing strategy.
  • Guidance to help you achieve your business goals.

Mentoring can be given through one-to-one private meetings, where the mentor can learn about the help you need and use this to give tailored advice to give you the best chance of reaching those goals.

Mentoring doesn’t automatically guarantee that your business will succeed, but time with a mentor can give you the best chance of setting and reaching goals for your new business. A mentor has enough knowledge and experience to help you face the difficulties that all new entrepreneurs are likely to encounter. A good mentor will use their own knowledge to help you address any problems that your business has come up against. Experienced businesses can also get a lot of mentoring, especially during periods of change and growth.

Depending on what support your business will benefit from, a mentor can offer a range of help that can give support to your business. This assistance could be something like helping you to build a list of important business contacts, advice for setting appropriate goals, developing a business plan, securing grants, training courses, and advice for getting through business challenges.

Business Training Courses

Smart Marketing has a range of training courses to help you and your business grow. Training courses can give you the tools to fill any areas you’re lacking in as the new owner of a business. As the owner of a start-up, there are plenty of challenges. With training, you can build your skills and give yourself the best chance of building a successful company.

Training programmes include everything from marketing strategy planning to management development. You can take part in recognised programmes such as Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur Programme, Investment Innovation Programme and Female Enterprise Programmes.

Top Tips For Making The Most Of Business Support

  1. Take charge of your own success. A mentor or consultant can give you the tools and guidance you need, but you have to put the hard work in yourself. You need to take charge of your learning by asking questions any time there’s something you don’t understand or need more help with. Put in the effort to take in all the information that you can.
  2. Grow trust. Having someone to guide you is helpful, but you need to trust the person or agency offering help. This trust should be developed. If you can trust the consultant, you can better communicate with them, and make the most of their expertise.
  3. Set realistic expectations. Business support is intended as guidance, not a magic trip to success. If you seek help like this, it’s essential to understand that this support can offer expert advice, but you need to use the advice yourself to reach success. From the start, go in with realistic goals and expectations so you can approach the support in the right way and make proper use of it.
  4. Be open about what you need from the support. Give feedback throughout the process too. To get the best out of business support, you need to know what kind of help you need.

Use Smart Marketing Business Support Programmes

Whether you’re working with a mentor or a consultant, if you know what need from them, they can give more effective support to help you flourish. Give feedback throughout your time working together, so the support offered can be adapted.

Some of our clients include Local Enterprise Offices and LINC Engineering Network

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